Our reputation is based on the innovation of our strainers design within the filtration industry. We have a cost effective design that is used in applications assisting with minimum interruption of flow.

Strainers are used in almost every industry to protect equipment and to guarantee product purity. Straining is accomplished by directing the fluid through a basket, where unwanted debris is trapped on the inside of a screen element, allowing for uncontaminated fluid to flow through the outlet. Furthermore, designs are available in various perforations and materials, as well as customising to special internal and external coatings.

Strainers are available in standard or custom designs, which can be manufactured from customer or foundry requirements or existing patterns.

Options Available:

  • Top hat and conical 
  • Bucket
  • Flanged 
  • Foot valve strainer kits
  • Mesh lined baskets
  • Vessel design for high pressure and temperature.
  • Inlet & outlet connections at right angles or offset configuration, reducing piping cost.