Kira Valves & Engineering accommodates internship for 5 ND Mechanical Engineering Students

Feedback from Pfunzo Siphugu

I thank KIRA VALVES & ENGINEERING for giving me the opportunity to do my internship at their company. During my P1 duration at KIRA VALVES & ENGINEERING, I got to experience how it is to be working. I was like a toddler who couldn’t walk  but Kira brought me up and  built the person I am today, I have gained valuable insight into the mechanical industry over the past six months. I learnt to apply my theory part practically starting from the most basic things like safety measures. I got to know different tools and machines and how to operate them through Kira which is something one might take for granted as it seems easy when you know theory of mechanical engineering.

I was applying my knowledge from school and some of them included topics from Design 2 like plain bearings & lubrication, circular shafts, keys, splines & couplings, material selection, fastener sand bolted connections. From mechanics of machines I covered almost everything which is needed as a mechanic.

I even learnt things which are not covered as part of subjects to be learnt, like the importance of punctuality, social interaction with fellow workers, self care/protection and many more.

I owe a big thanks to Kira for all that. Thank you

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